Flight Attendant Delivers Perfect Comeback to Haughty Passenger

The airline sector frequently faces the difficulty of handling displeased or challenging customers while upholding a professional image. Occasionally, the conversations that follow are so interesting to remember that they should be shared.

An entertaining event occurred on a trip when a male flight attendant dealt with a demanding, rich passenger. What followed was an exchange that will make anyone smile.

A particularly conceited woman disregarded the cabin crew’s instructions to get ready for landing during a trip, specifically refusing to raise her tray table. The flight attendant made a kind request, but the woman answered haughtily.

The other passengers’ mood was lightened by the flight attendant’s distinctive approach, who was well-known for his flamboyant and engaging personality. His method was wonderfully theatrical as well as effective.

He made an eloquent announcement as the aircraft descended, saying, “Loving people, if you could kindly adjust your trays, it would be wonderful because Captain Marvey is about to land the big scary plane soon.”

And in spite of his kind announcement, the woman would not budge. “Maybe the roar of the engines drowned out my previous announcement, but it’s time to secure your tray so our pilot can smoothly bring us to earth,” he said, playfully, when he came back to remind her.

Flight Attendant Delivers Perfect Comeback to Haughty Passenger

“In my country, I am addressed as a Princess and I don’t take orders from anyone,” the woman shot out, dismissively.

The attendant, ever the wit, shot back, “Well, I’m known as a Queen in my realm, and I definitely outrank you.” Please take a tray up.

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Flight Attendant Delivers Perfect Comeback to Haughty Passenger
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