Miranda Lambert catches heat for too much cleavage in daring black gown, fans call her ‘trashy’

Though she wasn’t nominated for an award at this year’s Academy of Country Music event, Miranda Lambert stole the show in a “frisky” gown that wrangled the attention of her audience.

The Texas native – the “country queen” with “so much swagger” – walked the red carpet in a scene-stealing barely-there dress, which received both praise and criticisms from her fans, one who suggests the singer prefers “trashy to classy.”

Keep reading to learn what fans have to say about Lambert’s shocking look at the 2024 ACM Awards!

On May 17, Reba McEntire hosted the 59th annual American Country Music Awards (ACMA) at the Ford Center at The Star in Frisco, Texas.

The show saw performances by hitmakers like Jelly Roll, Post Malone, Dua Lipa, Blake Shelton and his ex-wife, the gorgeous Miranda Lambert, who prior to debuting her single, strutted the red carpet in a stunning gown.

Miranda Lambert catches heat for too much cleavage in daring black gown, fans call her ‘trashy’
Miranda Lambert with ex-husband Blake Shelton. Credit: Shutterstock

Lambert was not nominated this year, but over her storied career, she’s earned 37 ACM Awards, most recently winning video of the year and the prestigious entertainer of the year award at the 2022 ceremonies.

‘Country elegance’

Walking across the red carpet with Brendan McLoughlin, a former cop turned doting partner, the Nashville Star first appeared in a high-slit black dress with a plunging V-neckline. She accentuated the look with a silver belt adorned with light blue embellishments and a chic silver purse. McLoughlin, her husband of five years, matched her elegance in a sleek black suit and tie.

Online fans jumped in, praising Lambert, 40, and McLoughlin – who were married in 2019 after a whirlwind two-month romance – for their spectacular red carpet looks.

One fan writes, “You’re always well put together, Miranda….in country elegance. And Brendan’s suits (loved his boutonnière) complements you too.”

“He is so proud of her. She is gorgeous. Look at those smiles,” a second writes of her adoring husband.

A third netizen shares, “Wow Miranda with natural curves. A beautiful dress that shows off her beauty while still being elegant!”

But not everyone agrees that her dress was “country” or “elegant.”

Fault finders, shocked by Lambert’s less is more neckline, also offered their scathing critiques.

“She needs to put some clothes on,” one critic writes.

A second shares, “Wow, cover up the top a little. No need to give a free show!” and a third adds, “She has always preferred trashy to classy. Not surprised.”

Another writes, “So country girls starting to dress like the other genre.”

Cheeky cowgirl

Later, after swapping her gown for a cheeky cowgirl look, Lambert took the stage to perform the live debut of her single, “Wranglers.”

The “Kerosene” singer stepped on stage in darker denim, a jacket with fringes dangling from the arms, and a bedazzled cowboy hat with two braids peeking from the sides.

“LOVE the outfit with the chaps,” gushes one fan about the black leather chaps, also embellished with fringe, that Lambert wore over her denim jeans.

“You’re the BEST dressed couple at the CMAs. And last but not least ‘Wranglers’ was perfectly h-o-t!!! Well done,” enthused one fan.

A second, making a reference to Frisco – where the event was held – quips, “Now, they have changed the name to Frisky, Texas”

“They slayed that carpet like she slayed her performance,” adds another.

Falling apart at the seams

Meanwhile, the evening wasn’t quite as seamless for McLoughlin, who had a wardrobe malfunction when his seams started coming apart.

On Instagram, the man shared a photo of him wearing his pants with a massive hole right in his groin area.

He captions the post, “Fun times were had last night…Pants held on until the very end.”

Fans quickly jumped into the comments section of his post, joking about the unfortunate incident: “That happens when you’re runnin’ with the fastest girl in town,” writes one cyber fan.

A second shares, “I love how “nothing is a big deal, with these two, simply just go with it. You both look stunning!”

Lastly, Lambert adds, “Free ballin!”

What do you think about Lambert’s fashion styles at the ACM Awards? Please let us know what you think and then share this story so we can hear what others have to say!

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Miranda Lambert catches heat for too much cleavage in daring black gown, fans call her ‘trashy’
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