Became a human. A living Barbie doll threw off this image and here is her real face

The time has come when a female could present her appearance to perfection. Contemporary cosmetology, plastic surgery and the sphere of fashion suggest us a entire line of utilities to cultivate our appearance. It is secure to announce that a female with whatever budget could find a appropriate pathway for herself to develop into extra beautiful.

Some of the unprejudiced genderhave gone extremely far-away and entirely changed their face and figure. This buoy be activated in contrastive ways: someone is similar to the puppet appearance, and she irritates someone. Valeria is a vivid symbolic of a contemporary female who followed the trend of doll appearance.

She dedicated most of her life to becoming as much similar to Barbie as possible. A adolescent Ukrainian female underwent a series of plastic surgeries and became a copy of a Barbie doll. The female assume experienced makeup every day to affectedness for the camera.

However the moment came to comprehend that her imagination had turned into the realityhowever did not make her happy. Valeria radically changed the path of her ideas and saw off  her puppet life.

It is valuation noting that numerous subscribers comprehended her new, natural look. The female was extremely delightful and pretty. Not a unmarry subscriber unsubscribed from her, however on the contrary, they increased.

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Became a human. A living Barbie doll threw off this image and here is her real face
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