Grew up handsome. How the actor who played the boy Auggie in “Miracle” looks 5 years later

We decided to create this post after seeing the film Miracle, in which Jacob starred. Remember that his character, Auggie, was born with Treachery Collins syndrome, according to the plot. Interestingly, in order to completely inhabit this role, the Canadian actor visited a children’s craniofacial center before filming, where youngsters with Auggie’s affliction are treated.

The boy had quite a substantial portfolio at the time of filming in “Miracle,” it turned out. He had the opportunity to work with a number of Hollywood stars. Jacob was widely recognized for the film “Room.” This film, by the way, received numerous accolades.

Every year, the actor’s filmography is noticeably enriched by rating film ideas, and directors routinely receive filming requests. The adolescent currently owns more than twenty paintings. The new star’s film career is advancing quickly and in front of millions of fans.

We decided to find out what Trumble looks like in real life and without makeup after watching this film. Every day on the set of “Miracle,” the 9-year-old child put on complex makeup for an hour and a half to express on film facial deformities that emerge as a result of a hereditary condition in his character. As a result, not many viewers identified Auggie as the well-known actor Tremblay.

The young actor himself acknowledged to being “disgusted” by the smell of adhesive on which the plastic makeup is affixed. Furthermore, the boy’s face was worked on by makeup experts for several hours, and silicone linings fatigued the young actor. However, take note that the makeup and effects have become really realistic. Colleagues and crew members agreed that, despite his age, Jacob is a true professional who persevered throughout the filming process.

In his fourteen years, American actor Jacob Tremblay has appeared on the red carpet among Hollywood stars. At the Oscars, the young youngster shines with enviable consistency.



Several years have gone since the filming of “Miracle,” and Trumble’s lead actor has clearly matured. Fans have constantly stated that Jacob has plenty of opportunities to try his hand at modeling.

The adolescent’s appearance and facial features are stunning.

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Grew up handsome. How the actor who played the boy Auggie in “Miracle” looks 5 years later
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