4-Month-Old Baby Girl Beats Brain Cancer And Mom Helps Her Ring The Bell As She Leaves Hospital

When Leann Borden and her husband welcomed baby Lillian into the world last September they were over the moon. Imagine their terror when after medical staff noticed that she wasn’t moving her arms and legs properly, they learned that she had brain cancer.

Little Lillian has spent the first months of her life battling this cruel disease, but the tiny survivor has just received the all-clear and has gone home with Mommy and Daddy.

The stage three to four malignant glioma on Lily’s brainstem was usually an inoperable type of tumor. As battles with the insurance company ensued, her parents anxiously waited. They eventually gained approval for genetic testing and targeted chemotherapy.

The approved chemotherapy was a new treatment designed to target Lily’s form of cancer. As her family fought hard, scans eventually revealed fantastic results. During the third week following treatment, Lily’s MRI revealed that the cancer had disappeared without a trace.

When she was two months old, Lily finally went home with her parents. Although she showed no signs of cancer, doctors continued her treatment for three more weeks. She grew strong and her cancer-free status was confirmed, as reported here at ABC action news.

Finally, the day everyone had been waiting for arrived. Lily, with the help of her mother, rang the special bell at the hospital to celebrate the end of treatment. Lily had officially conquered cancer!

Surely this heart-warming account has encouraged you to courageously confront adversity. Reach out to others for inspiration and courage here or through other social media venues. Remember, there’s strength in numbers and in spirit.

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4-Month-Old Baby Girl Beats Brain Cancer And Mom Helps Her Ring The Bell As She Leaves Hospital
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