What does Mick Jagger’s eighth kid, who was born when the artist was 73 years old, look like?

The Rolling Stones, a rock and roll classic whose name appears in two Lobbies of Notoriety — in the Exhibition hall of Shake and Roll and National Music of Awesome Britain — are fronted by Mick Jagger.

The 78-year-old Briton is the father of 8 kids. Today, Devereux, the performer’s youngest kid, will become more acquainted to us.

Devereux 2016-12-08: Octavian Basil was born. The title of Octavian suggests “the eighth.” Ballet dancer Melanie Hamrick is the mother of the kid; Mick Jagger has been in a relationship with her for seven years and looks to have decided to settle down permanently. After the eighth kid is born, Mick decides to have a family with the boy’s mother and does in fact make a commitment to her.




The performer has four kids and three daughters from five different women in a previous relationship. Mick may also be a rich grandpa because he has five grandkids and a great-granddaughter who is around two generations older than his youngest child. The reason all of his grandkids address him as “you” is because the Shake Star dislikes feeling old and on the off chance that he is out of time.

Netizens who view images of the youngster have noticed that Devoro appears quite similar to his father in his younger years. In fact, some pundits describe the youngster as his father’s “exact clone.”

How charming! Commentators type things like, “How like his father!,” “A charmed child with the face of a rock star,” and other things.

According to the widely disseminated photos, the musician’s child inherited Mick’s bright blue eyes, lip shape, and thick light hair. It is also obvious that the frontman’s youngest kid was gifted with creativity from birth and poses for photographs without difficulty.

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What does Mick Jagger’s eighth kid, who was born when the artist was 73 years old, look like?
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